Shooting Film in Bangkok (Mamiya 7ii)

Are you a fan of the Mamiya 7ii? Me too.

I recently went to Bangkok, and while there I was shot Portra 400 film.

Mostly portraits and landscapes.

 Shooting Film in Bangkok with the Mamiya 7ii 

Processing Film

I found people here to be very open to being photographed.

Being that Thailand is the land of smiles, this was not a surprise.

I've had a wonderfully opportunity to meet people and start to better understand Thai culture.

In this video Analog Process I put together some clips of shooting in Bangkok.

You'll also see Patani Studios where I had my film developed and scanned.

If you're in town, pay them a visit.

Watch the Analog Process "Shooting Film in Bangkok" Video.

Photo Highlights

I've set aside some of my favorite shots.

While I shot mainly with natural light, I did experiment with flash.

Focusing was tricky at night, but at a small enough apeture it was possible.

 Mamiya 7ii Photograph with Flash

Typically I would hop in an Uber and arrive at a random location in Bangkok.

Then I'd walk around and approach subjects to photograph.

I began to experiment with photographing the bedrooms strangers I came across.

Admittedly, this has been something I've continued to explore.

 Indoor flash photograph with the Mamiya 7ii.

The Colors of Bangkok

If there's one word to describe Bangkok, it's "colorful."

The people, food, advertisements - and above all - the art.

After spending the day at the MoCA in Bangkok, I was fairly overwhelmed.

A great example of a contemporary Thai artist is Verapong Sritrakulkitjakarn. 

Easy name, right?

I came across his work at the Subhashok The Arts Centre.

His large scale paints are dense, colorful, and at times overwhelming. I felt this way with much of the contemporary Thai art.

 A painting from the Chronicals series, by Verapong Sritrakulkitjakarn

The paintings fuse contemporary and ancient figures and references.

When I arrived, the museum was closed, though the curator was kind enough to give me a tour and speak to me about Sritrakulkitjakarn's work.

I was even able to record some video there.

Watch now: Tour of the Sritrakulkitjakarn work.

Photographing the Thai people.

I'm drawn to portraiture more than any other subject of photography.

So, I made sure to spend a fair deal of time making portraits.

 Photograph of Thai School Girls with the Mamiya 7ii

I find the Mamiya 7ii to be a great camera for portrait work.

In many ways, the images feel like a 4x5 shot.

Luckily I'll be back in Thailand in November, and will be shooting there again.

I couldn't be more excited.

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