Vegans in Hartford?

Where is one of the best vegan restaurants?

Of all places.

Hartford, Connecticut.

 Vegans in Hartford | Marc Falzon, Artist.

Searching for Vegan Restaurants

I'm out here for two weeks, as part of my MFA program, via Hartford.

While I'm not completely vegan, I only eat meat a few times a month.

Meals can be a struggle.

But I found a place that I really like.

Called Fire-N-Spice.

Each time I come to Hartford, I stop there and get a plate.

Eating Vegan in Hartford

What's most striking about Fire-N-Spice is the cuisine.

There are no salads.

No wraps.

No hummus.

I know, sacrilegious.

Instead, they serve up Jamaican food.

Cornbread, jerk tofu, spicy beans and more.

No Ackee though, which is too bad.

(Ackee is a fruit found in Jamaica. It tastes similar to cheddar cheese.)

Life on the Road

Because of my work, I travel often.

I want to document where I go here on my blog.

Rather than only talk about stuffy photography topics. 

... Which I still intend to do.