Shooting Large Format 4x5 with Willem Verbeeck.

A few days ago I took a trip up to New York to shoot my Large Format 4x5 with Willem Verbeeck.

Willem is a film photography YouTuber, who is quite talented.

 Shooting Large Format 4x5 with Willem Verbeeck | Marc Falzon

Shoot, process, edit. In one day.

Our goal was to create a video in one day.

That also included developing and scanning the negatives.

To include the actual photos in the video.

This... was admittedly more difficult than I expected.

Specifically, since it had been a long time since I worked with C-41.

At some point, I'll do a video teaching developing.

Watch the shoot with Willem

Photographing the hunting club.

After doing a few portraits of each other...

(How could we not?)

We ended up photographing a man named Eddie.

A local in Alphabet city.

After the portrait, he left and later came back.

Eddie told us there was a local hunting club in New York nearby.

The last of it's kind.

And invited us to go see it.

 A 4x5 portrait of Eddie | Marc Falzon

Last of it's kind.

This hunting club, called Los Amigos, really is the last of it's kind.

It's really more of a social drinking club...

Where they avoid having a liquor licensing.

As they have been grandfathered into older regulations.

They allowed us to photograph and record video in the space.

And... as it happens, all my video was lost.

Luckily, the photographs weren't.

 A large format photograph of Pacheco, the owner of Los Amigos in New York | Marc Falzon

The owner, Pachenco had been there for over 51 years.

And we were (as far as we know) one of the lucky few to receive a beer on the house.

... Just dont spread that around.

I also spoke with and photographed a man who had been a champion wrestler.

And during a scuffle took a knife to the guy.

He had the scar to prove it.

 Portrait of a man with a knife wound on Portra 400 film | Marc Falzon

My intention is to create more videos.

Specifically showing me photographing as I travel.

To be honest, this was a test to see if it'd be possible to do just that.

But with one analog portrait a day as well.

With little sleep, and no editing not even started on the video by midnight...

I realized that might be a little over ambitious.

Still, daily videos might be something I shoot for in the summer of 2019.